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Imagine all your neighbors are remote workers!

This is the reality in our digital nomad village, where you can connect with like-minded professionals and build a supportive community of remote workers. With a shared passion for travel and remote work, our community offers a unique opportunity to connect with people from around the world who share your interests and lifestyle. From networking events and social gatherings to spontaneous adventures and group outings, our community is the perfect place to meet new friends and experience the best of remote work and travel.

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Tiny Houses

Our tiny houses provide a cozy retreat for up to four people. offering a comfortable home away from home. With modern amenities and a functional design, our tiny houses are also optimized for remote work, providing residents with a dedicated workspace and the flexibility to work from the comfort of their own home. Our tiny houses also feature a well-stocked kitchen with basic food essentials such as bread, sugar, drinks, and fruit, which are provided at the beginning of the stay. With our well-designed and equipped tiny houses, residents can focus on their work and enjoy a comfortable and convenient living experience.


"Through our platform, you can browse the profiles of village residents, including their occupations, skills, hobbies, and interests. Connect with people who share similar interests and skills, and network with professionals from around the world. Our platform is designed to foster collaboration and community, allowing you to make meaningful connections with like-minded individuals and build a supportive network of remote workers.


Leisure avtivities

Our platform allows you to discover and join local group activities recommended by the community, which are led by locals who provide a unique and authentic experience. Whether it's olive picking and creating your own olive oil, shellfish diving and cooking, hiking through scenic trails, or other immersive activities rooted in local traditions, our platform offers a wide range of experiences that allow you to connect with the local community and culture. With our collaborative approach, you can participate in these activities with other like-minded individuals and make meaningful connections with the locals. Our platform is designed to provide a comprehensive and engaging experience, ensuring that you get the most out of your time in the village

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